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5. Dr. Shehata Adam brought to the attention of the Committee the text of a letter from the Government of Jordan regarding the nomination to the World Heritage List of the "Old City Jerusalem and its walls" and suggested the matter be taken up under Item 4 of the proposed agenda.
6.  The delegate from the United States of America suggested that a working group on the balance between cultural and natural sites be established and the exanimation of the Report of the Rapporteur on the 4th session of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee (19-22 May1980) was inserted between Items 10 and 11.
7. After a  discussion ensued concerning whether or not to modify the order of the proposed agenda : to discuss Item 5 and Item 10 together and to examine Item 7 before Item 4
The decision was ultimately taken to adopt the agenda in the original form in which it was presented to the Committee with addition of examination the Report of the Rapporteur on the Bureau meeting between Items 10 and 11 (cf. Annex II)