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19. The Delegate of France questioned the procedures used to elect the Chairperson of the General Assembly whereby there was no consultation prior to the session. He proposed that this issue and Rule 3 of the Rules of Procedure be discussed under Item 11: Other business. He also suggested that candidates for Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Rapporteur could be called for in advance and that all States Parties be informed.

20. The Delegate of the United States of America agreed with the proposal made by the Delegate of France and also commented that in future the General Assembly needed to be given prior notice of issues such as the discussion on the changes to the Rules of Procedure that had been discussed under the previous agenda item.

21. The Chairperson informed the General Assembly that the Director-General of UNESCO might be available to attend the closure of the session. He therefore suggested that an item be added to the end of the Agenda - "Closure of the session".

22. The Provisional Agenda was adopted with the proposed amendments.

23. The Director of the World Heritage Centre noted that in relation to Item 10: Elections to the World Heritage Committee, all candidates for election must have paid their contributions to the World Heritage Fund. If States Parties had not yet paid their contributions and wished to stand as a candidate for the Committee, the Comptroller of UNESCO would accept contributions up until the beginning of the election. Candidates were requested to inform the Secretariat if they intended to pay their outstanding contribution to the World Heritage Fund.