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XXII.1 The Committee adopted the Report with a number of amendments, which have been taken into consideration in the preparation of the final version of the Report.

XXII.2 During the adoption of section X of the report a debate took place concerning the implementation of the Committee's decision on the selection of 30 nominations to be reviewed by the Committee in 2003. A number of Committee members sought clarification on the wording of paragraphs X.16 and X.21. It was agreed that if more than 30 complete and acceptable nominations are received by the Centre by 1 February 2002, the matter would be referred to the April 2002 Bureau for guidance.

XXII.3 With reference to the debate reflected in paragraph X.12, the Delegate of India recalled that while the Committee welcomed the decisions on reforms made in Cairns as a positive development, there are a number of inherent contradictions. In particular whilst aiming towards representativity and equity, the Committee should ensure that further imbalances are not accentuated between the un- and underrepresented and over-represented regions and categories. Countries with un- or underrepresented categories of heritage should not be debarred just because they are already overrepresented. India views the process as an inclusive one.

XXII.4 The Delegate of St. Lucia noted that there was a request for legal advice, as to whether it was possible for the Committee to amend a resolution of the General Assembly.