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In view of the information provided by the Secretariat regarding the state of conservation of the Ajanta, Elephanta and Ellora Caves, and taking note with appreciation of the additional information provided by the Observer of India concerning the national and local efforts being made to safeguard these sites, the Bureau expressed its serious concern over the state of conservation of these sites, especially that of the advanced deterioriation of the wall paintings and insufficient visitor control at the site of Ajanta. In addressing the problem of water seepage, the Bureau recommended that a study be made on the means of vegetation control and selection of species to be planted to prevent soil erosion. While the Bureau commended the plan for establishing a visitors' museum displaying replicas of the wall paintings to decrease the number of visitors entering the Ajanta Caves, it requested the concerned authorities to keep the Committee informed of the developments of the OECF Ajanta-Ellora Development Plan and conservation plans at Elephanta and Ajanta, especialy in relation to the conservation of the fragile wall paintings in Ajanta.