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After having taken note of the report of the Secretariat and the Delegate of Lebanon, the Bureau commended the Lebanese authorities for the relocation of the construction of the planned technical school outside of the inscribed zone. Moreover, the Bureau noted that the ongoing works for the Centenary exhibition foreseen in November at the site are totally reversible. Furthermore, the restoration work of the Grand Mosque is controlled by the Directorate General of Antiquities. The Bureau also thanked the Lebanese authorities for having requested technical assistance from the World Heritage Fund for the scientific study of the state of the Bacchus temple and its preservation. The Bureau encouraged the authorities to continue the preparation of a management plan. Finally, the Bureau thanked the Resident Representative of the UNDP for his offer of co-operation to finance a project on the integration of World heritage in the regional development of the Bekaa, and requested the Centre to proceed with the formulation of a project.