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After having taken note of the Secretariat’s report on the two expert missions organized with the cooperation of the national authorities, (December 1994 and May-June 1995), the Bureau thanked the Omani authorities for their active collaboration with UNESCO for the preservation of Bahia Fort. It particularly appreciated their willingness to follow the advice of the specialists in earth constructions, sent to the site. The Bureau was of the opinion that this was the only way by which the authenticity of the site would be respected and that great importance should continue to be given to this. It thanked the national authorities for the financial support granted for the safeguarding of this heritage and hoped that the outer mosque and the ancient Governor’s residence would also be the subject of restoration work in conformity with international recommendations for conservation materials and authenticity.

The Delegate of Oman expressed his satisfaction with the results of the expert missions and warmly thanked the Centre for its efficiency and excellent collaboration with the Delegation and the national authorities.