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In December 1993, on the occasion of the seventeenth session of the World Heritage Committee in Cartagena, it was reported that information from local and national authorities in Spain confirmed the setting-up of a multidisciplinary advisory council (Building Committee) which had drafted a Master Plan setting out the priorities for restoration and all other work on Burgos Cathedral.

ICOMOS confirmed to the Bureau that the issue of coordinating actions and respective roles with regard to the Cathedral have now been solved. The Ministry of Culture, the Regional Government of Castille and Leon, and the Chapter of the Cathedral have signed an agreement for the implementation of emergency restoration measures. It provides for the restoration of the towers, spires, ridges, part of the altars, and the stained glass windows, as well as the solving of problems caused by humidity.

The Bureau congratulated the various Spanish organizations involved on the actions taken in the conservation of Burgos Cathedral. At the same time, however, it expressed a desire to see those components of the total project which are still under negotiation put into effect with the minimum delay.

For its part, ICOMOS informed the Bureau that it will continue, through its National Committee, to monitor the progress of the project and will report further to later meetings of the World Heritage Committee and Bureau, if needed.