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Kakadu National Park
(extension to include Stage II)



N(ii)(iii)(iv) C(iii)

The Committee recalled that at its 5th session held in Sydney (Australia) in 1981, while inscribing Kakadu National Park on the World Heritage List, it had noted that the Australian Government intended to proclaim additional areas in the Alligator River Region as part of Kakadu National Park and had recommended that such areas be included in the site inscribed on the World Heritage List. The Committee therefore welcomed the extension of the site to include such areas, which had been favourably reviewed by ICOMOS and IUCN. The Committee accordingly decided to include Stage II in the site inscribed on the World Heritage List. The Committee commended the Australian authorities for having taken appropriate legislative measures to prohibit mineral exploration and mining and for their efforts to restore the natural ecosystems of the site. It also encouraged the Australian authorities to consider further extending the World Heritage site to include Stage III of the National Park and to modify the boundaries of Stages I and II in order to protect the entire catchment area, and to include the cultural values to the East of the present National Park.

Finally, the Committee requested the Australian authorities to provide further information on the possible impact of proposed military training activities in areas adjacent to the World Heritage site.