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cultural heritage, infrastructure
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Recommendation: 7 EXT.COM/BUR 2.3

The World Heritage Bureau,

  1. Having examined the technical cooperation assistance request made by India regarding an improved geographic information system (GIS) for Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR), as presented in Documents WHC-04/7EXT.COM/6 and WHC-04/7EXT.COM/6 Add,
  2. Noting that in accordance with Decision 28 COM 10A, four requests for technical cooperation will be submitted to the Chairperson / Committee in 2005 for a total amount US$ 104,915;
  3. Considering that only an amount of US$ 160,000 is available for cultural properties under technical cooperation assistance in the 2005 budget;
  4. Taking into account ICOMOS' comments as well as the amount of international assistance provided to the DHR in recent years (US$ 58,000);
  5. Recommends to the Committee not to approve this request for technical cooperation.