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Kathmandu Valley (Nepal)

A joint UNESCO/ICOMOS mission was undertaken in November 1993 to evaluate current and past conservation activities to examine boundaries and to study the possibility of setting-up buffer zones, to verify the state of the listed the monuments, to assess the support capacities of the national and municipal authorities and to evaluate proposed amendments to the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act. The mission's conclusions stressed the continuing urgency of the situation and defined sixteen areas in which significant improvements should be made in order to maintain the integrity of the original inscription. The mission also suggested increased international support and a permanent UNESCO presence at the site. ICOMOS suggested that the Government of Nepal consider recommending to the Committee to place the Kathmandu Valley on the List of World Heritage in Danger, in order to increase international support, and that a follow-up mission be undertaken in a year's time in order to assess, in cooperation of the Nepalese authorities, the progress made in the sixteen areas of concern.

The Observer from Nepal stated that his Government would seriously consider the recommendations made by the mission. In his opinion, threats to the site were not so severe that listing on the World Heritage in Danger List would be appropriate. Nepal was actively taking measures, notably for improved conservation, management and legal protection of the site, among others, and the state of conservation would improve in the near future. Nepal would appreciate receiving technical assistance from the Fund and ICOMOS to support its conservation efforts.

The Committee concluded that the mission report should be studied in-depth and that the recommendations should be reviewed with the Nepalese authorities. The Committee requested the Centre to report on this matter to the Bureau at its next session.