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'Variety' means a plant grouping, within a single botanical taxon of the lowest known rank, defined by the reproducible expression of its distinguishing and other genetic characteristics. (Source: Art. 2, ITPGRFA)
An assemblage of cultivated plants that are distinguished by any characteristics (morphology, physiology, etc.) significant for purposes of horticulture, agriculture or forestry. (Source: GEMET/DUNSTE)
Within a species there can be a wide range of different types of plant. Farmers and growers need plants with particular characteristics and that are adapted to their environment and their cultivation practices. A plant variety represents a more precisely defined group of plants, selected from within a species, with a common set of characteristics. (Source: UPOV-FAQ)

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variété végétale
сорт растения
variedad vegetal
Chinese, Simplified
صنف نباتي

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