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Tierra y Agricultura


Definition variable, e.g.: - farms “with a low asset base and operating in less than 2 hectares of cropland” (World Bank Rural Development Strategy, 2003); - operating under structural constraints such as access to sub-optimal amounts of resources, technology and markets; - limited resource endowment compared to those of other farmers in the sector (Dixon et al., 2004); - struggle to be competitive (…) (Brooks et al., 2009). (Source: Defining small-scale food producers to monitor target 2.3 of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, FAO, 2017)

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small-scale farming
agriculture à petite échelle
мелкомасштабное ведение сельского хозяйства
Chino, simplificado
الزراعة الضيقة النطاق

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