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30. The Secretariat presented the requests for technical cooperation which had been received by the 1st March 1984 deadline for properties inscribed on the World Heritage List or had been recommended by the Bureau for inscription thereon at its present session.

It was noted that the total of the amounts requested for technical cooperation and of their training components were two to three times greater than the expected budgetary provisions. It was therefore necessary to contact the States Parties concerned to request them to reduce their requests to a more modest amount and to indicated their priority needs.

The Bureau also recognised that it would be impossible to meet all requests adequately. In this connection, the Bureau recalled that the Committee had already drawn up an order of priorities for the granting of international assistance, which was presented in paragraph 80 of the Operational Guidelines (WHC/2 Revised, January 1984). Priority was given particularly to emergency measures to save World Heritage properties and to projects which are likely to have a "multiplier effect". The Bureau recognised the need for equitably distributing the modest World Heritage Fund and recommended that the Committee also favourably consider requests from countries which had not yet benefited from international assistance under the Fund.