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Measures taken in advance to prevent the occurrence (waste prevention, prevention of disasters or similar emergencies). (Source: draft based on GEMET/GUNNa)

States should effectively co-operate to discourage or prevent the relocation and transfer to other States of any activities and substances that cause severe environmental degradation or are found to be harmful to human health (Rio Principle 14)

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профилактическая мера
medida de prevención
إجراء وقائي

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Convention de Stockholm
La Convention du patrimoine mondial
Convention des Nations Unies sur la lutte contre la désertification
Convention de Barcelone
Dumping Protocol
Prevention and Emergency Protocol
Specially Protected Areas and Biodiversity Protocol
Offshore Protocol
Protocole « déchets dangereux »
Convention sur la pollution atmosphérique transfrontière à longue distance
Convention d'Abidjan
Convention de Nouméa
Convention de Cartagena
Convention sur les effets transfrontières des accidents industriels
Accord relatif à la Conservation des Chauves-Souris en Europe
Convention des Carpates
Assemblée des Nations Unies pour l’environnement
Accord de l'ASEAN sur les nuages de pollution transfrontières
Nagoya – Kuala Lumpur Supplementary Protocol